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 * $Id: arjtypes.h,v 2002/03/28 00:01:28 andrew_belov Exp $
 * ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
 * OS-independent types are to be declared here.


/* Message classes */

#ifdef FMSG_ST
typedef char FAR FMSG;
typedef FMSG * FAR FMSGP;
typedef FMSG * FAR NMSGP;
typedef char FMSG;
typedef char *FMSGP;
typedef char *NMSGP;

/* File access mode record */

struct file_mode
 int dos;                               /* For internals of ARJ (-hb, etc.) */
 int native;

/* Timestamp record */

struct timestamp
 unsigned long dos;                     /* Local */
 unsigned long unixtime;                /* GMT */

/* A handy macro for verifying the validity of timestamps */

#define ts_valid(t) (t.dos!=0L)

/* Prototypes */

void fm_store(struct file_mode *dest, int host_os, int mode);
unsigned int fm_native(struct file_mode *fm, int host_os);
void ts_store(struct timestamp *dest, int host_os, unsigned long value);
unsigned long ts_native(struct timestamp *ts, int host_os);
int ts_cmp(struct timestamp *ts1, struct timestamp *ts2);
void make_timestamp(struct timestamp *dest, int y, int m, int d, int hh, int mm, int ss);
void timestamp_to_str(char *str, struct timestamp *ts);


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